Anastasia Shcheglova with a tampon in his mouth

Anastasia Shcheglova charming as ever. This pose, this look, and of course slim figure do the trick. Sometimes I look at a photo and think, whose merit is such a beautiful frame: the photographer or the model? Whose idea was it image? Who chose this pose. Perhaps such beauty is only possible with the combination of passionate photographer with initiative model.

Anastasia Shcheglova with a tampon in his mouth

Noticed that the panties the girl is wearing on backwards and soiled? Looks like blood. Wait… what about the girl in the mouth? It’s a tampon. Now everything falls into place. Young model Anastasia Shcheglova was photographed naked on the bed. Noticed the blood and ran quickly behind the tampon. But the photographer-enthusiast detained poor Nastya in a time like this, put him on the floor and told to pull my panties to leave at half-mast, and insert the tampon. Time was short — so immediately and not realize that underwear is worn inside out. And the tampon is inserted in the wrong place. Photographer Dmitry Chapala.

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